About the JCS International Program

Joy Christian School is located in Glendale, a fast growing suburb of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. Nearly 4.3 million people live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, with 225,000 of those people living in Glendale. The school's enrollment for 2016-2017 is approximately 700 for Grades PreK - 12. The thriving International Student Program included 41 students from various countries last year. It has included students from Brazil, Peru, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Finland and Sweden.

If you have questions about our International Program, please contact Grace.Anderson@joyonline.org.

Education Philosophy

Joy Christian provides a rigorous academic education, founded in a Christian worldview that furnishes the skills necessary to further education for matriculation to University.  Student instruction is centered around the virtues of the Christian faith and the maturing of each individual.  Within this context students learn the values and work ethic to function, excel and make a difference in our society and the world.  These skills include college preparation and the ability to grasp, analyze, and communicate varied concepts clearly and articulately. This education is provided while looking at the individual needs of the student within the educational goals of the school. Student instruction is centered around the maturing of each individual and exposing them to the Christian faith or the witnessing of Jesus, the Son of God, to those who do not believe. 

Admission Requirements


The students, parents, and hosts should understand and affirm agreement with the Joy Christian School mission statement. In the case of an unbelieving student or parent, there must be agreement, understanding, and support of our teachings and beliefs. Students are not required to profess the Christian faith but must be respectful of and open to participating in school and host family activities that support our beliefs.  


Students abide by a code of conduct, requiring discipline, respect for authority, neatness in physical appearance, courteous and appropriate speech and language, abstinence from sexual contact, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.


We seek students willing to accept the challenge of a rigorous program of academics, fine arts, extracurricular activities, and athletics in a caring Christian environment designed to prepare students for college and for life. AP and Dual enrollment classes are available.


Students are encouraged to participate in athletics. Joy Christian School is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association and competes with other schools of similar size.

  • Fall Sports: Cross-Country (coed), Volleyball (women), Football (men), and Cheerleading (women)
  • Winter Sports: Basketball (men and women), Soccer (men), and Cheerleading (women)
  • Spring Sports: Baseball (men), Softball (women), Golf (coed), Lacrosse and Track and field (coed)

Advising/Grade Reports

Conferences are held two times each year and are required for students and their parent/legal guardian, host family or the Director of International Programs. Report cards are issued at conferences. All International students are required to maintain at least a C in all courses.  

Dress Code

Joy Christian School has a dress code which requires students to wear a JCS uniform shirt or a polo shirt with the Joy Christian logo on it. Athletic pants or shorts are not permitted. Girls must adhere to skirt and shorts length requirements.

Medical Coverage

Medical care in the U.S. is expensive. All non-immigrant students must demonstrate their ability to pay all debts that they incur while in this country. Therefore, students are required to provide proof of medical insurance coverage while they are enrolled at Joy Christian School. (Dental and vision care are not covered).

If you are interested in applying or learning more about our international programs, please contact our Director of International Programs, Grace Anderson at Grace.Anderson@joyonline.org or call 623-561-2000 x232.