Eagles Nest 

Dear Eagles Nest Parents,                                                                

The Eagle’s Nest team is very excited about the 2016-17 school year! Our nurturing team will insure we provide a Christ centered, safe, healthy, engaging and fun environment for your students.  Eagles Nest opens at 6:30 am before school and is available until 6:00 pm daily. Students must be registered in Eagle’s Nest to attend.

The Eagle’s Nest is designed to provide academic support, discipleship, team building, exploration, creativity, critical thinking, and lots more to keep your children engaged and having a great time with their friends.  After school there is specific homework time including spelling review, math facts and Bible verse memorization.  We also include mission projects, fun games both inside and out, snacks, craft projects, and other engaging activities.  As an extension of Joy Christian School, our mission is to build Christian leaders. Watch and see how much your kids learn and how much fun they will have in our 2016-17 Eagles Nest program.

Students have a long day at school and they need proper nutrition to sustain them for the day. Eagle’s Nest will provide one healthy snack in the afternoon each day. Please feel free to send other nutritional snacks, but kindly refrain from sending snacks with nuts, as we do care for students with nut allergies. Please also provide your child with a water bottle, labeled with their name. We have a filtered water dispenser in Eagle’s Nest to fill their bottle and keep them well hydrated.

All electronics should be left at home (cell phones excluded but must remain in backpacks). Your student will have plenty of activities in Eagles Nest.

Included in this packet are the following required forms to be completed: Eagles Nest Registration and a BLUE ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES EMERGENCY AND IMMUNIZATION RECORD CARD AND AN ALLERGY ALERT CARD.  Regardless of having completed it previously, we are required by the State, as a licensed care provider, to have an updated card on file at the beginning of each session.  Please be sure to complete it, attach a copy of your most current immunization record, along with the Eagles Nest registration form.  Your child will not be accepted into Eagles Nest without these forms completed.  Please be sure to list ALL PERSONS authorized to pick up your child. State regulation states TWO or MORE PERSONS must be listed on the blue card.  For the safety of your children, we can not release children to persons not listed on the blue card or persons without an ID upon pick up of a child. Also included is an ALLERGY ALERT form. Please be sure to complete it and attach a recent photo of your child. On the allergy form please indicate specifically which nuts or other food allergens they are susceptible too (ie are they allowed to eat food that has been made in a facility that also produces soy and nut products).

Our staff is excited about the great moments that will be shared with your students at Eagles Nest.  If there is anything we can do for you or your child, please don’t hesitate to let us know.   If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact any Eagles Nest staff member or Grace Anderson, EN/EFS Director, at grace.anderson@joyonline.org.   We are committed to providing Christ centered excellence in all of our programs at JCS.

In His Service,

The JCS Eagles Nest Staff


For more information please contact Grace.Anderson@joyonline.org or call 623-561-2000 x232.