At Joy Christian Preschool we keep God as our center and work with parents to nurture the total child...spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Our loving, and caring staff will empower your child to do more and be more like Jesus through a wide variety of practical and meaningful learning experiences. Kid Kountry is a nurturing and safe environment for children to experience their earliest years of education.


Infants & Toddlers

This is an exciting time in the life of your family,and we are happy to be apart of it. The goal of the infant and toddler programs are to provide a safe, loving environment in which the child can attach to and bond with the teacher. From the safety of this relationship, the child can then confidently begin to explore his/her abilties. Each classroom is filled with materials to stimulate all of the child's senses; vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

Three- & Four-Year-Olds

Faith Development

Gospel Light Bright Beginning’s, Exploring God’s World is the Bible curriculum implemented in each 3-year-old and Pre-K classroom. Monthly Bible concepts are integrated into learning themes within the lessons being taught in the classroom. The Bible concepts are taught and reinforced in a variety of age-appropriate ways, Bible Stories, and verses, music, interactive prayer and verse activities and conversation with each learning center that connects the Bible concepts to children’s everyday life. Daily prayer and devotions are included in each daily schedule. Monthly Chapels are attended by 3-year-olds, and the Pre-K classes attend Chapel weekly with Joy’s Elementary school.

Academic Curriculum

The Preschool Sequence of Core Knowledge is implemented in each of Joy’s 3’s & Pre-K classrooms. Teachers plan experiences and activities for preschool children by offering coherent progressions of skills and knowledge in the following areas:


  • Oral Language
  • Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Finger plays and Songs                                                              
  • Storybook Reading and Storytelling
  • Emerging Literacy Skills in Reading and Writing

Knowledge Acquisition & Cognitive Development

  • Mathematical Reasoning & Number Sense
  • Orientation in Time & Space
  • Scientific Reasoning & the Physical World
  • Music
  • Visual Arts

Physical, Social & Emotional Development

  • Movement & Coordination
  • Autonomy & Social Skills
  • Work Habits