Conduct Expectations: JCS Honor Code

To accomplish our vision and mission statements, the discipline system at Joy Christian School is designed to create a safe environment for our Joy community that nurtures the Spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth of our students. We seek to establish a clear standard of behavior based upon Biblical truth.

The Joy community believes this safe and nurturing environment is best achieved within an atmosphere of clear consequences for unacceptable behavior tempered with grace and mercy. Our students must understand that their choices produce consequences—positive consequences for honorable behavior and negative consequences for dishonorable behavior. Students should understand they will be held accountable for their actions.

Attendance at Joy Christian School is a privilege. The hope and desire of the Joy community is that each student will remain a member of Joy for as long as he/she chooses. However, because of poor choices or habitual discipline problems, it may become necessary to remove a student from the Joy community.

The instrument adopted by Joy Christian School to implement this philosophy of discipline is the Joy Christian School Honor Code.

Honor Code

Out of a desire to honor God, I commit to a lifestyle which reflects trust, honesty, and respect for my peers, authority, and all property. I acknowledge this lifestyle does not condone lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonorable acts.
Committing to this code demonstrates my respect for Joy Christian School as we strive to glorify God and love others.