Elementary Athletics

Dream City Christian's Sports Program, in an effort to build community spirit, self-esteem, lifetime fitness, and athletic skills, is designed to offer an excellent program at two levels: recreational sports for Lower School students and competitive sports for Middle School students—and to include all students who wish to participate.


The DCC Interscholastic Sports Program includes students from 5th through 8th grade and encourages participation regardless of ability or experience. Each student will be taught the fundamentals of the sport and the value of teamwork. Sportsmanship is always emphasized, and all athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to honor Christ with what they say and do. Sports for girls include: softball, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track, soccer and cheerleading. Sports for boys include baseball, soccer, cross country, basketball, and track (CAA - Canyon Athletics Assoc.)


The Athletic Department presents opportunities for students to:

  • Participate on a sports team regardless of skill level or prior knowledge of the sport.

  • Build character and self-esteem through hard work and dedication.

  • Develop and display good sportsmanship as well as respect for teammates and opponents.

  • Learn how to balance athletics and academics.

  • Experience the relationship between practice and improvement and how that transfers to other areas of life.

  • Realize the lifelong health and social benefits of athletics.

  • Enhance technical skills and learn game strategies.

  • Understand the importance of teamwork.

  • Learn responsibility and develop self-discipline while competing on a team.

  • Have fun!

DCC Sports League

Fall Sports Offered:

Soccer, Cheer


Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Cheer, Cross Country


Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Golf, Cheer