gifted testing

We recognize each student as an individual with individual gifts. Learning capacity is based in part upon growth and maturity, but also upon differences in learning. Consequently, we focus on learning experiences appropriate not only to age, but also to maturity and learning style. We promote creativity, critical thinking and curiosity. We strive for the development of leadership capabilities and a sense of personal responsibility. We help our students develop self-discipline, practice compassion for others and appreciate diversity. We believe our Gifted and Talented program supports our mission statement.

Dream City Christian identifies students as gifted based upon the following characteristics:  verbal; non-verbal; and quantitative reasoning.

  • Verbal reasoning include the child's ability figure out the context of a sentence, analogies or vocabulary.

  • Non-verbal test measures the child's ability of visual and spatial relationships and how they correlate to geometric shapes and figures.

  • Quantitative test measures the child's ability to reason numerically as well as problem solve.

Teachers and parents may submit a request for any student to be tested during the year. Students are allowed to take the test once in a 12 month period of time. Parents may have their students tested at locations other than Dream City Christian and submit the CogAT test results to the administration.

inquiry and design

(grades 3-7)

The Inquiry and Design program provides an opportunity for identified gifted students to work collaboratively on meaningful projects that focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Students are given the opportunity to create, critically analyze, collaborate and design projects in a stimulating and thought provoking manner in a cluster learning environment. Classroom activities and curriculum are differentiated for the accelerating student to develop higher level thinking skills.  Click here for more information and activities.

middle school high school opportunities

Dream City Christian provides students in 8th-12th grade a variety of honors and dual enrollment programs for academically advanced students.   As an administration we work collaboratively with teachers, students, parents, colleges and community leaders to ensure our gifted students needs are met.  Our goal is to build a pathway of success that will enhance the growth and development  of students talents and help them reach their full potential.