Greetings Joy Families!

We are so excited to be gearing up for MISSIONS WEEK at JCS (Feb. 13-15) and there are some very exciting projects being planned on and around campus and beyond!  Missions week is for the entire school and there are several opportunities for students to participate in.     

  1. Mission Trip to Mexico - Esperanza Para Los Ninos  (High School Only)

Donations are being gathered and packed for Esperanza Para Los Ninos Children's Home and Gregorio’s Shelter for students who will be headed down to Mexico on Wednesday, 2/13 at 12:00 pm for a 5 day mission trip.  The project for this trip changed from building a home for a family through 1Mission (they changed the way they build and it is too expensive at $280 per student) to now serving at Gregorio’s Men, Women and Children's Shelter by painting and other construction type tasks for 2 of the days.  Gregorio’s is located within the Puerto Penasco Community.  On the weekend, we will be serving the children of Esperanza Para Los Nino’s Children's home by having a Valentines Party, making pizza’s in the brick oven, worshipping with and spending time loving on them! We will be holding a Missions Trip Meeting for students and parents on Thursday, February 7th at 4:00 in the International Office.

Items needed: Paint rollers/roller covers and paint brushes, Valentine decorations and candy, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products (See attached flier for more details.)

Project Leader/Chaperones - Anna Hu, Grace Anderson, Jan Delgado, Bryan Titzler


      2.  Phoenix Dream Center (High School only) 

Another group of students will be going to the Phoenix Dream Center at 8:00 am on Thursday 2/14 and Friday 2/15 and returning by 3:00 pm.  How awesome it is to come alongside the work they do at the Phoenix Dream Center! They will have projects planned for us such as sorting clothes, assembling furniture, etc.  Students will be offered a prepared lunch at the Dream Center but are welcome to bring their own lunches if desired or allergies exist. 

Project Leaders/Chaperones - Kacey Johnson, Ron Terrell, Coach Mozelle Williams

      3.  JCS Campus and Community Service Projects - All Grades

Multiple areas of JCS will be beautified, painted, bathrooms cleaned, plant beds planted, fixtures added, softball and baseball fields tended to, locker rooms cleaned out and sanitized, weight room cleaned out and sanitized, windows washed, classrooms organized, and desks cleaned.  We want to take pride in our school and appreciate all the wonderful gifts God gives us.  Let's really put forth the effort and enthusiasm encouraging our students and staff to be good stewards of the blessings God provides!  Students and staff will enjoy a hot dog lunch both days (2/14-15), with hot dogs, chips, fruit and water.  Water stations will be strategically placed around campus as well. We welcome parent participation!  All parents “volunteering” will need to complete a Volunteer CBC (Criminal Background Check) prior to participation with students.

Project Leader/Chaperones - Danielle Root, Diane Stair, Stephen Canada, Sarai Ramos


      4. Kneaders LOVE - High School

Kneaders is a wonderful neighbor and valued partner, often providing goodies and lunches for meetings and activities either free or at very reduced rates.  We want to be great neighbors by providing a service for them.  Our kiddo's will be doing a project for them and will be able to assist them in their efforts.  

Project Leader/Chaperone - Alicia Roberts


      5. Morning Star Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility – Kinder and 3rd Grade

We are headed out to Morning Star Assisted Living Care Facility on 75th Ave. to serve the elderly.  Kiddo’s will sing songs, read and participate in other activities with the seniors, while enjoying their company.  

Project Leader/Chaperones – Laurie Terrell, Christina Gustavson 3rd grade and Gayle Ast - Kinder 


      6. Packing of Homeless Blessing Bags – Middle School

Middle School is taking on the project of collecting supplies and packing homeless bags.  If you would like to donate supplies to this amazing project, we will be packing bags to be given out to the homeless.  Once we have completed this project, the bags will be available for two weeks in the Administration office, for anyone to take and keep in their cars and give to the homeless when they see the need.  After the two weeks, the remaining bags will be shared with Church on the Street, a street church ministry for the homeless.

  • Large Ziplock Bags                            

  • Combs or brushes                              

  • Socks

  • Water Bottles                                      

  • Sunscreen                                          

  • Pocket size tissues                  

  • Granola Bars                                      

  • Hand Sanitizer                                   

  •  Toilet Paper

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste                 

  • Chapstick                                           

  •  Soap

Project Leader – Sue Grono – Middle School

*All elementary classes will receive specific descriptions and instructions from their classroom teachers*

Parents, we encourage you to join us, provided you have completed a volunteer CBC.  You are also invited to join us for the sendoff prayer for the Mexico Missions Team at 12:30 pm at the Fountain Circle on Wednesday 2/13!  

Permission slips for all students attending any of the off campus activities are available on the website, in the Admin. Office and the International Office (Rm 305) as well as with your High School student’s math teacher.  Please be sure to complete a permission slip as students will not be permitted to leave the campus without one completed.  The only activity whereby a fee is associated is the Mexico Missions Trip.

Please feel free to reach out to Grace Anderson at grace.anderson@joyschool.org if you have any questions or concerns.