Preparing Students for Future Careers that are 
Global, Impactful and Christ-centered

Welcome to Dream City Christian STEM Lab where students use the engineering and design process to create solutions to real world challenges. DCC STEM Lab is designed to engage students in hands-on, minds-on projects that build strong foundations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Throughout the academic year students explore nine Core Technologies essential to the development of the engineering and design process. Core Technologies are the basic building blocks of technological innovation and cross curricular research projects. Core Technologies in the lab include: Bio, Electrical, Electronics, Fluid, Materials, Mechanical, Optical, Structural and Thermal. These major concepts are taught using Inquiry Based Activities and Project Based Learning opportunities. Students learn to level-up their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills in ways that prepare them for careers that are global, impactful and Christ-centered.


What we do…

Hands-on Minds-on Innovation is a major component of our cuttinge edge curriculum. Throughout the year students engage in lessons that teach the fundamenals of entrepreneurship. The DCC STEM Lab incorporates the use of: digital citizenship; computer programming; electronics; robotics; biophysics; biomechanics; immersive reality; digital story telling; 3D printing; aeronautical design and challenges; and mechanical engineering. In the innovative lab students learn to effectively use cutting edge tools to positively impact real social, economic and environmental problems. The cross-cutting curriculum allows students to connect the idea that STEM coursework is not necessarily restricted to engineering, but a general concept applicable to all walks of life. 

Partnerships | Endorsements | Awards

Dream City Christian K12 STEM Program is a nationally recogonized program endorsed by STEM 101, Grand Canyon Univeristy, Microsoft, and Lifeliqe Technologies. We encourage you to come explore our in-school, after-school and summer bridge programs and discover how we engage students in real-world projects that prepare them for college and career pathways.