K-5th After School Student Pick-up Procedure

The following pick-up procedure is for student safety and to maintain the flow of traffic.

Carpool Pick-up Procedure:

Kindergarten-5th Student will take place on Joy Boulevard in front of the Worship Center.

Enter the campus at the light on Rose Garden Lane, turn left onto Joy Boulevard, and pull up next to the curb in front of the Worship Center.

We invite you to park at the Solar panel parking lot, located across from the Worship Center & wait for you student(s) to arrive with their Teacher. There will be no student pick up on the West side of the School Office Lobby.

Pick-up runs from 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm. Students not picked up by 3:15 pm will need to be picked up from E-Club located in the Administration building (Please note that E-Club charges will apply. Registration fee will also be charged if not enrolled).

Pick-up Signs:

Pick-up signs help our Teachers identify that the car and driver is authorized to pick up the student.

· K-2nd will have a blue pick-up sign, and 3rd -5th a green sign

· The signs will have the students’ First & Last name

· It is important that whoever is picking up your child has the sign visible in their car. (Ask your classroom teacher if you need more signs)

The Teachers will dismiss your student to your car. Please do not get out of your vehicle when in the carpool lane.

Rainy Day Pick-up:

If a “Rainy Day Pick-up” is confirmed, you will receive a text alert to pick up your child in their classroom