JCS Sports Updates

Good Morning Joy Families.

Had a couple questions from the email this morning.  See the updated sports listing below.

Going on Now:

Girls Volleyball Open Gym Tuesdays and Thursday 3:30-5:00

Boys Basketball Open Gym 8:30-10am and 2:-3:30 M-Th

Sports for the Fall:

HS:  Girls Volleyball, Boys/Girls Cross-Country, Co-Ed Mountain Biking, Co-Ed Stunt/Cheer

MS: Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Stunt/Cheer

Sports for Winter:

HS: Boys/Girls Basketball, Boys/Girls Wrestling

MS: Baseball, Softball, Boys/Girls Cross Country

Sports for Spring:

HS: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Track/Field

MS: Boys/Girls Basketball, Tennis


We will be adding to the sports list based on interest.  Some of the sports we are looking at adding: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Olympic Weight Lifting, Rugby, Soccer (Need a coach).



Pat Blakesley
Athletic Director
Joy Christian School