STEM 1,2,3 Impact Grant and Shark Tank Competition

Dear Joy Families,

Joy Christian School (JCS) is pleased to announce Tyler Estes has accepted a position to work alongside Alicia Roberts as mentor and consultant for JCS students in the prototyping phase of the GCU STEM 1,2,3 Impact Grant and Shark Tank Competition. Mr. Estes currently works on global research and application of water quality technologies. His background includes employment with Tesla Solar Technologies and employment in other high-tech industries in the areas of sustainable energy, bio-mechanics and aerospace technologies. Mr. Estes subject matter expertise will help JCS students critically analyze possible solutions for real-world problems within the homeless mission field JCS students have set out to positively impact. 

This August, a select team of JCS’s high school students will participate in the design and prototyping phase of the STEM 1,2,3 Impact Grant and Shark Tank Competition. Student designs, and prototypes will focus on two critical needs for those homeless and living on the streets: access to clean water; and access to a reliable source of light. The JCS high school team will be challenged with designing an all-inclusive unit that is solar powered and serves as a water purification unit, mister and inflatable lantern. JCS is incredibally fortunate to have Mr. Estes work with us on this mission to support the needs our brothers in sisters in Christ.

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