Preparing Students for Future Careers that are
Global, Impactful and Christ-centered

 Fusing ideas from technology and creation to glorify God.

Fusing ideas from technology and creation to glorify God.

Joy Chrisitian School's (JCS's) purpose for using cutting edge tools of technology in the high school classroom is to help students understand biblical authority and how to use their lives and technology for the glory of God. We believe our students will be better prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead if they know how to navigate, analyze and build computer software in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent upon technology. 



Typing Club

JCS's goal is to teah students how to type without thinking about the keyboard and learn how to type at the speed of thought. Whether practicing a lesson, computer coding or playing a game, using proper fingering is essential to developing good habits and ultimately increasing speed and efficiency. Standardized testing requires students to complete their assessments on the computer. Our goal is to proactively prepare our students with keyboarding skills today to ensure they are equipped with every possible tool attain success in the future.



Khan Academy

JCS's use of technology is designed to advance our students in a world that is driven by computer coding and circuit boards (microchips) in every aspect of daily life. Our state-of-the-art STEM Labs are designed to inspire creativity, critical analysis, collaboartion and communication within the global community.  Students will learn different computer coding languages, how to program and embed circuits into different prototypes of robotics, drones and animated designs. Our students will participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competion sponsored through the US Cyber Patriot Organization. We believe providing our students a biblical worldview of the use of technology creates life-long opportunities for them to be used by God to positevley impact the world.



3D Print with TinkerCAD


JCS's students will learn how to be producers and not simply consumers of technology. Through the use of additive manufacturing (3D printers) students will prototype and explore complex science, engineering and technology principles. Our future scientists, engineers, designers and biologists will use Joy Christian School's four different types of 3D printers to better understand what is possible with Computer Aided Design (CAD). JCS's students will learn how to design and build prosethic hands for children, create prototypes of drones, visualize and produce entreprnureal objects that are a solution to a problem or challenge faced in the world they are inhereting. We believe that teaching our students additive manufacturing through a biblical worldview allows our students to experience the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from building in harmony with God's law and design.



Virtual Reality Lifeliqe

Green Screen Media

JCS's is committed to providing students a 21st century education with the incorporation of technology in every classroom is now in it's pilot year. Our addition of VR headsets, laptops, tablets and a Green Screen Studio allow our students to level up their learning in ways that promote critical thinking through interactive and virtual worlds that exist beyond the campus walls. We believe immersive technology allows our students the opportunity to "experience the content" of what they are learning. The use of VR headsets, Green Screens and  Lifeliqe interactive software  provides our students a more comprehensive understanding of the curriculum and allows students the chance to creatively engage in real world problem solving.