Dyslexia Screening & Tutoring


Q. What is the TLC program at Joy Christian School?

A. The TLC (The Learning Center) Program was initially developed to help meet the needs of our students who have been identified as needing academic interventions and accommodations. As we began working with students, parents and teachers, we discovered that spelling and reading were the most common concerns so our research into how to best meet our students’ needs began. We looked at several reading programs, but they just didn’t seem to address our concerns. Then we found Susan Barton’s research and website and our eyes were opened to the hidden world of dyslexia.

Q. What is dyslexia?

A. Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects reading and spelling. Very few people truly understand dyslexia. The majority of the population believes that dyslexia is a disorder of reversing letters and numbers, but dyslexia is much more complex than that. Some individuals with dyslexia do confuse letters and numbers, but the key markers of dyslexia are poor word identification and spelling skills. In reading, an individual with dyslexia has difficulty quickly recognizing words they read, even if these words are very common. In spelling, an individual with dyslexia may have trouble sequencing the sounds of the word in order or remembering the specific spelling patterns so they willtend to spell words the way they sound, rather than how they look (e.g. thay for they, becus for because).

Q. How common is dyslexia?

A. Approximately 15-20% of the population or 1 in 5 children are thought to be dyslexic to some degree. Current research estimates that over two million school children are thought to have dyslexia although few schools and teachers are equipped with the training or tools to address dyslexia.

Q. What are the symptoms of dyslexia?

A. If you break your arm and your arm is in a cast, there is visible evidence of a disability. In contrast, dyslexia is a hidden disability; there’s no external sign on you saying you are dyslexic. Students with dyslexia are often very bright and possess a strong intellect with outstanding reasoning and analytic abilities and yet read slowly, at times, speak with mispronunciations and hesitations, and spell poorly. Symptoms include hesitancy with reading; misreading; difficulty with sequencing; poor organizational and time management skills; difficulty with organizing thoughts clearly, and erratic spelling. Dyslexia is the primary reason students struggle with spelling, then written language.

Q. What can parents do if they suspect their child may have dyslexia?

A. The first step is to contact our TLC office at Joy Christian. We will meet with you regarding your student and their educational history prior to screening for dyslexia. Our staff has been trained by Susan Barton to effectively screen students and identify those needing dyslexia tutoring. Once identified, we work with parents to develop a tutoring schedule (1 hour, twice a week minimum) with a qualified tutor using the Barton Reading and Spelling Program. Students will begin with level one and continue through all ten levels of the tutoring program.  

Q. What does JCS charge for the screening and tutoring?

A. Dyslexia screening averages $2,000 - $4,000 and tutoring averages $85 per hour plus travel! This dyslexia program is something that we feel passionately about and want every JCS student to have available to them at no additional cost. The program is costly, so to make the program available to all JCS student who need it, we are in need of volunteers to tutor students. The TLC program provides to the volunteers video tutorials and all necessary tutoring materials.

Q. How can I help the program?

A. Volunteer to tutor or donate to the program for the purchase of materials. We currently have the first four levels of the Barton System and will need to purchase Levels 5-10 as students progress. Our referral list grows daily and our kids need you. Contact our office and our volunteer coordinator will get you started. You can make a difference.