Our purpose is to positively affect our community and to grow God’s Kingdom

Dream City Christian is a fully accredited school that serves Preschool through High School students. Our curriculum, fine arts program, and CAA competitive Varsity athletics teams have made Dream City an educational leader in the Northwest Valley. Extra-curricular programs include the National Honors Society, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), Genius Hour, Gifted and Talented Programs, Community Service Clubs, Worship Band, Choir, Drama, Cheerleading, and more.

Our faith-based and mission-oriented programs are dedicated to building Christian leaders and fostering life long, transformational experiences that grow the whole child. Some of these Christ centered opportunities include weekly Chapel services, daily devotions and Bible classes, mission trips and community service projects.

Our Preschool recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary, and our Elementary School is now in its 20th year! Our academics include an individualized grade level math placement, and Barton Reading and Spelling tutoring for students with Dyslexia.

Our High School students enjoy dual enrollment, college level coursework, honor courses, and internships. Working parents enjoy our before and after school opportunities that supplement learning. Our before and after care even helps with your child’s homework!

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Our Mission Is To build Christian leaders prepared to live and thrive in an ever-changing world.


We are passionately committed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others, through our lives and an intentional system of word and action.


We are passionately committed to serve others as Christ has served us, providing outstanding service to each other, students, families, and community.


We are passionately committed to lead as Jesus led; developing, mentoring and empowering others to reach their full potential in Christ.


We are passionately committed to build strong, healthy relationships with each other, students, families, and community.


We are passionately committed to carry out our mission and reach our vision with the highest level of integrity that glorifies God through all we do.


We are passionately committed to achieve the greatest levels of excellence in education and in everything we do; being highly professional, innovative, creative, and effective.

expected student outcomes

When the mission of JOY Christian School is carried out, we expect to see the following measurable standards and/or changes in our students:

Spiritual Formation

  1. Have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

  2. Know, understand, and apply God’s Word.

  3. Engage in spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, Scripture memory, worship, and service.

  4. Personally respond to carrying out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) locally and around the world in a culturally sensitive manner.

  5. Are empowered by the Holy Spirit and pursue a life of faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.

Academic/Intellectual Development

  1. Are well prepared in all academic disciplines, and are skilled in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.

  2. Are proficient in mathematics, science, and problem solving.

  3. Have knowledge and understanding of people, events, and movements in history (including church history) and the cultures of other peoples and places.

  4. Appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape their beliefs and values.

  5. Have a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of other peoples, dispelling prejudice, promoting harmony, and encouraging Biblical hospitality for others.

  6. Are committed to lifelong learning.

Biblical Worldview Development

  1. Can articulate, defend, and live their Biblical worldview while having a basic understanding of opposing worldviews.

  2. Possess skills to defend their faith.

  3. Are good stewards of their finances, time (including discretionary time), talents, treasures and all other resources which are all given back to God in a way that adds value to the kingdom.

  4. Understand the worth of every human being as created in the image of God, and treat people with respect, dignity, grace and truth.

  5. Understand that work has dignity as an expression of the nature of God and that any work done as unto the Lord is an act of worship.

  6. Understand that all thoughts and choices have consequences; some positive, some negative.

Skills Development

  1. Have the ability and desire to investigate and find information and answers to questions on their own.

  2. Know how to utilize resources including technology to find, analyze, and evaluate information.

  3. Respect, and relate appropriately with integrity to the people with whom they work, play, and live.

  4. Have the ability to present ideas and research in visual and/or auditory format with clarity and quality.

  5. Treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit through decisions about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

Statement of Faith

The following is the doctrinal position held by JCS.  All personnel serving in any official school capacity are expected to personally hold to these convictions and teach them. 

  1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, inerrant Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:21)

  2. We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1:1; Matthew 28:19; John 10:30)

  3. We believe in the deity of Christ (John 10:33):

    • His virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23; Luke 1:35),

    • His sinless life (Hebrews 4:15; Hebrews 7:26),

    • His miracles (John 2:11),

    • His vicarious and atoning death (1 Corinthians 15:3; Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 2:9),

    • His resurrection (John 11:25; 1 Corinthians 15:4),

    • His ascension to the right hand of the Father (Mark 16:19), and

    • His personal return in power and glory (Acts 1:11; Revelation 19:11)

  4. We believe in the absolute necessity of regeneration by the Holy Spirit for salvation because of the exceeding sinfulness of human nature; and that men are justified on the single ground of faith in the shed blood of Christ and that only by God's grace and through faith alone we are saved. (John 3:16-19; John 5:24; Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8-9; Ephesians 2:8-10; Titus 3:5)

  5. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; that they are saved unto the resurrection of life, and that they are lost unto the resurrection of damnation. (John 5:28-29)

  6. We believe the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 12:12-13; Galatians 3:26-28)

  7. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life. (Romans 8:13-14; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Ephesians 4:30; Ephesians 5:18)